Bitcoin Can Rise to $2000 in January 2017

  A Saxo Bank ‘Outrageous Prediction For 2017’ says that the spending binge of a Donald Trump presidency could create ideal conditions for the price of Bitcoin to test $2,000 by next year, as the possibility of the US dollar skyrocketing could […]

Rise of Bitcoin Price: What Drives It?

Last week was a big surprise for many Bitcoin supporters. For most of the week, Bitcoin prices were going up and down in a predictable pattern. But this all changed when Friday hit as a positive movement emerged from the […]

Ready to bypass the dollar and buy into bitcoin?

When you think of your financial legacy, it’s more likely to be shares of General Electric (GE) than a nascent, unregulated electronic currency that is outside the traditional banking system. But the day is coming when investing in that currency […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: 6/06/2016

Bitcoin’s price is forming a short-term flat before a new surge. This sideway movement is a rebound towards the upward trend, after which there will be a chance for the price to reach the $640 mark. An exit from the […]