Bitcoin Price Closer Than Ever to $600

Bitcoin has done it again. In just a matter of days, the world’s favorite virtual currency has shot up in price by another $40 USD and is now hovering at around the $579 USD range at press time. Initial reports […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: 6/03/2016

Bitcoin is continuing its upward movement. The short-term upward structure can turn out to be a wave of a flat, which will be followed by a downward rebound. Is the downward rebound over? The minimal correction targets have been reached, […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: 6/02/2016

Bitcoin has formed a flat above a key level. The probability of the movement continuing is increasing. The main trend is upward The current upward trend has not been disrupted yet. Bitcoin’s price has formed a flat above the $518 […]

Blockchain Will Empower Banks, Not Destroy Them

Bitcoiners champion how blockchain technology could undermine the financial system and effectively destroy banks. Bitcoiners mention how banks are going the way of the buffalo and blockchain inspired technology – or simply Bitcoin – will revolutionize the way the world […]

Real creator of Bitcoin?

Craig Steven Wright, an Australian entrepreneur and bitcoin backer, has come out of the shadows claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the legendary creator of Bitcoin. Wright chose to step out of the shadows following reports in both Wired and Gizmodo […]